Coil Pack Tester 1986-87 Buick Turbo, CARS LLC (908) 369-3666
Coil Pack Tester 1986-87 Buick Turbo
Ignition Coil Pack Tester
1986-1987 Grand National, GNX, Turbo-T
This diagnostic tool is a necessity for all turbo owners. It actively simulates an ignition under load and observe the actual spark as it occurs. You can easily check the spark intensity of each coil at any RPM from idle to around 8000 RPM. Unit attaches to the top of the 1986-1987 GEN 1 coil pack and plugs into the module,then to the car's battery. By turning the control knob, you can observe the spark through three spark gap windows at the top of the unit. Weak or non-existent spark activity can be seen

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